My name is Kamiel Hamers (HammerHead Reptiles), born 1978 in Raamsdonk , and therefore the oldest of the group. I became interested in reptiles at the age of 9, when I attended a lecture concerning lizards and snakes. At this lecture I was able to hold a snake for the first time and I was immediately sold. But my parents told me I could start keeping reptiles when I would turn 18. At that age I would be responsible enough, and I would be able to care for them myself. And thatís how it started.

Before I turned 18 I was reading and researching on what kind of reptile would be good to start with. And when I turned 18 I bought an adult Eublepharis macularius, a really beautiful animal I still have and enjoy very much. After a while I bought some more leopard geckoís to make a nice breeding group. I also Bought a cadult couple phelsuma madagascariensis grandis. When I moved out to study ecomomics, I took my lizards with me (even though now pets were allowed in the student building I lived in) and I already had a small collection of geckos. In the meantime I got juveniles from both the leopard gexckos and the phelsumas, and besides that I got interested in the dessert dwellers. The Uromastyx came on top of that list.

After I graduated from the HEAO Breda (economics), I rented a small apartment together with my girlfriend. This meant more space, and eventually more lizards, a created a wall with all glass cages. And bought a couple of Uromastyx acanthinura and Uromastyx maliensis.

But my hobby got really out of hand when we bought our first house in Breda. (august 2005) I changed the complete attic into my own reptileroom with 10 wooden (betonplex) cages of 150cm x 65cm x 50cm and a few smaller cages to grow the juveniles. And I still have a few full glass cages I use for quarantine purposes, or to separate animals if necessary. Besides the reptile room, my collection of reptile books got bigger and bigger. This is when my hobby became an addiction, but I think itís a positive addiction.

These days Iím specially interested in Desert reptiles, some of my favourites are, Dipsosaurus dorsalis, Sauromalus spp., Xenagama batilifera, and of course the Uromastyx spp.. At this moment I have 8 Uromastyx species, and almost all are sexual mature. I have bred 5 Uromastyx sp. and a total of 11 desert lizards sp.

The most important that I want to say is; Keeping an animal is a huge responsibility, your animals are completely depending on your good care and knowledge so please donít let them down. Make sure that before you start, you know if there is a specialised reptile vet in your region, and if you can provide the feeder insects necessary every week. Try to get as much information as possible in advance, and read everything there is about your future pet, this way you know how to keep your new friend healthy and happy. The more you read about your new hobby the more fun it gets, and your animals will benefit most.

Have fun on this website, and if you have any questions or remarks please contact us.


ďLive every day like it was your last, you live much better that wayĒ (Pennywise)