This website is an initiative of:

Cliff de Laat
Kamiel Hamers
Michel Machielsen (retired reptile keeper)

On this site we describe the different species of reptiles we keep. We also want to give you an idea about how we keep our animals.
Besides information, you can also find a lot of pictures of our animals and their cages.
Cliff keeps all the monitors and some uromastyx species. Kamiel keeps most of the uromastyx species, the iguana species and the Smaug giganteus.

For those interested let us introduce ourselves:


We want to thank Esther de Laat for making this site possible, we also want to thank Tom and Bob for helping us with the translation.

Note: None of the care sheets and/or photos may be used in digital or printed format without our permission.

Herpetofauna Foundation

This foundation was started to protect reptiles, amphibian and arthropods and also their natural habitat.
So let's not only enjoy these animals at home but also help to protect these beautiful animals in the wild.

For more information go to www.stichtingherpetofauna.com